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Originally my previous generations were living in East Bengal. Our family was known as a Kabiraj family. My father Late Tarakeswar Roy was a most eminent Kabiraj at his time, as like my Grandfather and my Great Grandfather.

Due to so many reasons I launched myself in West Bengal in the year 1946. Al though I became detached from Kabiraj Ghar of East Bengal, but my base was also Kabiraji Chikitsa. I used my experiences and devoted me to help poor people of West Bengal. I tried my best to educate my sons Dipankar, Subhankar and Vaskar in the same sphere.

Now, I and my three sons established an Ayurvedic Company Named Triskand Ayurved Pvt. Ltd., to serve the mankind. For the ailment of humanity we are devoted on Ayurved. Last 50 years I am serving to the nation


The company believes that the research and development should be the first priority of manufacturing process. The vision is to be a global player in the HERBAL EXTRACT market, which is forecast by industry experts to grow in volumes, given the fact that the human population is moving closer to nature.


1   Spread the health giving benefits of Ayurveda to mankind.

2   Use modern technology effectively to package and deliver Ayurveda worldwide

3   To bring awareness to the youth of India by providing dignity of labor, training in practical skills and improvements in communication.

4   Start grass root level training institutions to train Ayurvedic Vaidyas, therapists and other skilled personnel for the wellness industry.

5   Preserve endangered species of medicinal plants and herbs.Seek necessary accreditation from healthcare and educational institutions.